Sequential Frame

Part two of our interview with the great Billy Badalato, Jr., is just a few short days away! 

These are just a few of the things you'll hear in part two: Questionable John Woo impersonations, what it's like shooting on a moving train from a moving helicopter, who wins a budgets-vs.-creative battle in the studio system - or budgets and efficiency vs. safety - how our guest climbed the ladder in production, the answers to questions like Why are we still waiting to shoot? Why are studios the way they are? What goes into the machinery of studio financing? ...and how Billy knew he had finally made it in the business when no one would sit with him at lunch.  All that, and more, this Tuesday on Cinematic Immunity!

Next time, our guest is special effects make-up artist, David Mendez. Check back Thursday for a preview of David's interview. And remember, you can catch up on every episode of the podcast here, and follow the show on all of those social network thingies.

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