Donavon Warren and Timothy Gagliardo

Keeping the "Wheels" turning!

“WHEELS” is a dark humored drama that follows the story of Mickey, a suicidal paraplegic who can’t kill himself no matter how hard he tries. In the middle of a paraplegic bar fight he meets the homeless junkie, Drake, and asks if he will shoot him in the head for $500. In a lonely world filled with violence and lies, a compassionate friendship is born. Will they find love and belonging, or will they succumb to the seduction of death…

Timothy Gagliardo - Director/Producer

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Timothy Gagliardo’s favorite toy growing up was his father’s VCR, helping him memorize his favorite films frame for frame. He shot and edited his first video at the age of 15. With a perfect math SAT score, Tim was recruited by MIT. But he had a love for film and chose to attend the prestigious Emerson College Film Program on scholarship. He graduated with a degree in writing for the screen and film directing. After graduation, Timothy moved to LA to pursue a career in features, where he lived out of his car until he booked his first job as a carpenter on a Reality TV Show. Timothy has worked nearly every position over the course of 34 feature films. WHEELS marks the directorial debut for Timothy Gagliardo.

Donavon Thomas- Director/Producer

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Donavon Warren grew up knowing he was destined to be an actor. Fresh out of high school, Donavon couldn't wait to get started in Hollywood so he moved to Los Angeles and spent his first 8 months living out of his car. While he worked nights at the post office and studied acting during the day, Donavon wrote the feature film, Wheels. After writing Wheels, Donavon founded the production company Loaded Dice Films, with the mission to shoot movies that would not normally be made by the studio system. Wheels is Loaded Dice Films' most ambitious project to date. Besides playing Mickey in the film, Wheels also marks Donavon Warren's directorial debut.