Bullitt to Blood Relatives; How Jim Edwards got his Start

Jim Edwards, DGA Director, Editor, and Producer

As Jim would tell the story, he was minding his own business when he was nearly run over bhy Steve McQueen during the making of the film Bullitt.  He has since gone on to take his own part in movie making history.  Currently, he owns Barking Weasel Productions which handles all of his Directing/Production requirements and Ace and Edie HD is his 4K editing studio located in a massive warehouse in downtown Los Angeles for editing jobs.

He is gearing up to direct the 4th season of the Discovery ID hit "Blood Relatives". He is also currently editing a documentary at Ace and Edie HD featuring Steven Hawking/Kip Thorne on the nature of consciousness. Famed Cinematographer Paul Goldsmith directed it.

Jim created shows like Deadliest Catch and Wingnuts. He was once with Mike Mathis Productions bringing us the shows Post Partum Nightmares, Left at the Altar, Born on a Bad Day, I Didn't Know I was Pregnant, and Blood Relatives. His association with GRB Entertainment as a Director/Editor brought us the shows Untold Stories of the ER, and Expeditions to the Edge.

Jim is known for redefining the look of car commercials- as well as playing drums for the Beach Boys!  His interests have been very broad but have been very influential over the years.

He has received the Professional of the Year, Cambridge Registry, 2012, as well as over 150 Industry awards including Cleos, Beldings, Cannes Cine Golden Eagles, Cine South de Mexico, Addy's, Mobius awards, LIA (London), Effies, Tellys and AME awards for marketing effectiveness. 

Jim Edwards Photo.jpg

by the way...

On his way out the door after we stopped recording, he saw my t-shirt and said, "Ohh. I worked on Star Wars...the first one and the third one. Let's talk about that next time." My mouth agape, he ran out, and we began planning his next visit!


TUESDAY, MAY 27th Jim tells us about his time with Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Make sure to catch Cinematic Immunity to hear the whole story. 

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