Podcast goes! Cinematic Immunity Grows!

Cinematic Immunity Launched!

Yes we have!  iTunes subscriptions are shooting through the roof right now.  Thanks to all of you tuning in weekly!  If you have not subscribed yet....go to iTunes and hit the Subscribe!  Then, Cinematic Immunity will be delivered to your ears every week for the rest of eternity (these statements not evaluated by our lawyers).   Ok maybe not for eternity but we're really excited about the episodes we have in store.  Meanwhile,  check us out on all the social networks, like us on facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and google+. 

iTunes and Stitcher

Search iTunes and Stitcher for Cinematic Immunity and subscribe to us there.  Dont have iTunes? Working on a PC?  Download the application and hit the podcast button.  You can find us there.

Episode 3 Donavon Thomas & Tim Gagliardo

This Sunday, "Wheels" the feature film is premiering at the Newport Beach Film Festival.  We were able to sit down with co-directors Donavon Thomas and Timothy Gagliardo recently to talk about their processes in getting this low budget movie off the ground with so much heart and perserverence.  Next Tuesday we will be posting our conversation about the origins of the script, losing 30% of your body weight for the role of a heroin addict and covering the origins of the script through distribution. Tickets for the screening this weekend are available here.

Sarah Jones Update

Cinematic Immunity is hosting a panel discussion next week for Episode 4.  We have a great panel that we will be announcing soon to speak in depth about the tragedy that has shed awareness of worker protection for entertainment employees. All proceeds from that week's episode are going to the Sarah Jones Foundation.  Stay tuned. Subscribe. Stay informed!