Cinematic Immunity discusses Sarah Jones and the Future of Set Safety

Cinematic Immunity held a panel last week to discuss the state of the entertainment business since the passing of 2nd camera assistant Sarah Jones.  How can this can be prevented? What are the logistics of production that were not followed?  In today's blog, we would like to introduce our guests for the panel.  Join us tomorrow, May 6th for the release of part one of this very important discussion, the complex tragedy of Sarah Jones right here at Cinematic Immunity. Our panelists Danelle Hand, Ted Hayash and Vannessa Manlunas discuss the boiled down facts as presented by Bryan Hart and the Cinematic Immunity team. 

Danelle Hand is a Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager, and Actress. 

In the Independent Film world, Danelle Produced and UPM’d the 2nd highest-selling film at AFM - the award-winning political thriller “La Linea” with Ray Liotta and Andy Garcia; also the award-winning boxing drama “The Bad Penny”; “Bangkok Bound” which was shot in Thailand and the US; the children’s program “Rainbow Tribe”; IFC’s TV series “Independent Focus”; “North by El Norte” which was shot in the US and Mexico; the award winning “Mom & Me”; and was involved in the documentaries “Backpack Doctors of Burma”, “While Time Stands Still” and “Catherine Connor”. Danelle has won numerous awards, is pre-approved for bond and insurance, and is known for bringing films in on time and on budget. Danelle is also an award-winning screenwriter who has guided many screenwriters to their final draft.

In the Studio world, Danelle Produced and UPM’d several projects for Marvel Studios execs Kevin Fiege and Brad Winderbaum which were released on the “Thor” and “Avengers” DVDs and Blue Ray and linked together the characters in the Marvel Universe. She worked on dozens of A-list films in both Physical Production and the Development Departments, including Phoenix Pictures, Sony Studios, Sanford-Pillsbury and Universal Family Film & TV. Danelle received her first professional credit on a PBS series when she was 18 and has since worked her way through the ranks of Hollywood in numerous departments in development, production and post- production capacities. This multi-faceted background has given her a unique ability to minimize problems and cut film costs without sacrificing creativity.

Ted Hayash is a Cinematographer working in Los Angeles. Coming up as a Gaffer, he has lead many crews in many different environments.

Ted Hayash grew up in the forest, surrounded by the beautiful light of New England and was long fascinated by art, music and photography while thinking like a scientist. After attending Clarkson University, and seeing Robert Altman speak, he realized that filmmaking was the perfect way to merge his love of the scientific and the artistic. Graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts having won several awards for cinematography, his path was set, and he has since traveled the world over, filming in such diverse places as Western Europe, India, China, and Albania and at least 16 of the United States. Training under many award winning cinematographers has helped him refine his eye, and this has led to all kinds of work, from feature films including Monster, S.W.A.T., Decoding Annie Parker (Helen Hunt, Samantha Morton, Aaron Paul), to long form television (Twisted, Super Fun Night) and shorter projects including title sequences (The Incredible Hulk, Masterpiece Theater) and television commercials.

He owns Digital Film Studios, a boutique film studio in Sun Valley.

VanNessa Manlunas is a young emerging talent in the world of Cinematography. Graduating with a degree in Video Production, VanNessa stood out from the beginning and was honored with the Best Cinematographer Award in her graduation class. Post college she continued to master her craft and climb through the male dominated ranks of Cinematography. She later joined the Local #600 which provided her with a wealth of experience working with the world's top Directors of Photography including Robert Elswit, Rodrigo Prieto and Paul Cameron. She has been privileged enough to work on numerous commercials creating a strong reputation vital in her career shift to Director of Photography for films.

VanNessa brings her passion and female perspective to her work, giving voice to women in storytelling and in the film industry. She has worked on films including Draft Day, Inamorata, Red Sands, and Some Boys Don't Leave.