Tricking the Human Eye for Three Generations

Gene Warren as the first guest on Cinematic immunity

Gene Warren Jr. is known for special effects, visual effects, and animation. He worked as an animator on Land of the Lost and is known for his effects work on the Terminator and Underworld film series.

Fantasy II Film Effects is a visual effects company, established in the early 1980s, that specializes in miniature effects. The family business has been involved in hundreds of film and television projects including: The Abyss, Aliens, The Expendables, Hellboy, Resident Evil, True Lies, Underworld, and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Gene's Father won the Academy Award for effects on The Time Machine (1960), and his sons both work in the business in effects at the family's company. Gene won an Academy Award and BAFTA Award for Terminator 2 in 1992, an Emmy for The Winds of War  in 1983, and was nominated for awards for both Frankenstein Unbound (1992) and The Expendables (2011). 

Join us tomorrow, May 20th for the release of Episode 6 - Gene Warren on Cinematic Immunity.  Hear how he got his start at Walt Disney Studios and how he has gone about getting some of the most amazing visual effects "in the can". This podcast was actually the first episode ever recorded for Cinematic Immunity so tune in to the concept or "pilot" episode to see how the heart of Cinematic Immunity was originally envisioned.

The A.S.C. loses one of the it's Great Cinematographers

Gordon Willis, A.S.C. passed yesterday morning.  He has been very close to the family of one of our own, Bryan Hart and his father Doug Hart.  Dreams are made by artists and technicians like Gordon.  Thank you Gordon for many years of great work, being a great person and for the dreams and inspiration you give to so many. 

Shooting the Sullivan Cup

This past week,  I had unprecedented access to capture imagery at the bi-annual event of world class tank teams. This event is hosted by the U.S. Army Armory Division (USAAD) in Fort Benning, Georgia and it is named after the former US Army Chief of Staff and 4 Star General (Retired) Gordon Sullivan. This event is the Sullivan Cup. 16 teams from US and Canada competed in physical, firearms,  tactical (simulators) and battlefield (range) events.  Here is a clip put on by the army's video department of this years event. 

Now imagine some of the same action footage at 1/6000 shutter speed and 480 frames/second!

Thanks to Imaginaut Entertainment for having me on this gig.  I had an amazing time shooting with your amazing team over the past week. The U.S. Army gave us unprecedented access to an amazing display of the power that the U.S. Tank and Armor Corps can deliver.

Over the week I was able to shoot with 4 cameras, tons of slow motion, and I was able to fly  my Rotor Concepts Quad Copter drone. Let's not forget rigging Go Pro cameras to tanks that were engaged in full on Battlefield scenarios with live canon fire and ammunition.  Lastly, as I was setting up to capture a debrief from one of the night time battlefield events, General Sullivan walks into the small briefing auditorium and sits in the 2nd row.  The de-brief goes off and afterwords he asked me about what our team was doing and I succinctly described our cameras and technologies to properly explain what we were doing.  He seemed pleased and then asked me if I knew a lot about tanks.  Keep in mind I have the thickest beard in a 5 mile radius.   I said "No sir, but my dad is a marine so I'm just happy to be here."  I think in another time and place he might have acknowledged with an "Ooah", the army soldier's power word.  Meanwhile, I was just happy to have not embarrassed myself.

My boss, Clay Westervelt grabbed these stills of me via iPhone, up on the heavy metal.  It really was an adventurous, challenging and rewarding job.  Thanks Clay!




Cinematic Immunity...

is turning up the heat for summer time. With so many great episodes on the way, we can't help our need to keep bringing great stories to your ears.  Thanks to Steve Hopkins at HipHopkins Studio in Los Feliz for giving so much of your time, space and engineering support. It's been great working with you to get this podcast off the ground.  A long overdue thank you to Nick Kremenek for the great logo design you did for us.  Thanks Nick!  Anyone else need a rockin logo? Check out Nick Kremenek's work here!  I love his logos!.    Thanks as well to everyone out there who is tweeting, sharing and chatting about us!   We cant say enough about how much that means to us. Or maybe we can by keeping this thing going, which is perpetuating the idea of not saying enough.  Woah! 

Below are links to our photos on Instagram and our Twitter feed. Junk food for entertainment professionals.  Enjoy!

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