A Positive Thought Cannot be Denied

Laurie Meadoff is an Executive Producer operating out of New York, with world-wide results.

Passionately envisioning a world without barriers and prejudice, Ms. Meadoff strives to build bridges through tolerance and understanding, and her primary tools of choice are dialogue, media and the arts. For over 25 years as an agent for social exchange, Ms. Meadoff has garnered an internatnal reputation as an ardent advocate for the voice of those in need and an innovative marketer.

Laurie is Founder and President Emeritus of the CityKids Foundation, which works to engage and motivate young people from diverse demographics to positively impact their lives, their communities and the world using their voices. Success with CityKids came naturally to Laurie, as she organized and executed annual fundraising events with sponsorship from mammoth corporations including Pepsi, MasterCard, and Burger King and the presence of well-known personalities such as Demi Moore, Michael Bolton, Robert De Niro, Herbie Hancock, and Keith Haring to enhance publicity and collaborate with Citykid’s young people. As a byproduct of the foundation’s achievements, which included a nationally touring repertory of the members, Laurie co-created and executive produced with Jim Henson Productions, the Emmy-Nominated series featured on ABC, “CityKids.”

Laurie also founded and was CEO of Chat Ventures, a New York-based production company focusing on youth television programming. Among the list of networks for which Laurie executive produced programming are Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, ABC, HBO Family, MTV and VH1. Laurie then formulated Chat the Planet, a global dialogue initiative committed to using media and online dialogue tools as a means of breaking down barriers between cultures. As a part of this endeavor, Laurie co-created and executive produced the Webby award-winning series, Hometown Baghdad, which reached 3 million web viewers, airing on The Sundance Channel and National Geographic International in addition to reaching 350 million homes worldwide. With experience filming in South Africa, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Australia, and Jordan, Laurie’s ability to imaginatively and insightfully capture a diverse range of subjects is exemplified.

Laurie Meadoff is CEO of Laurie Inc. and Team, a company designed to innovate connect and activate brands and media from around the world. Laurie was CEO of actress Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer where she created the brand Trash Cancer with Humana.

Laurie is currently consulting for four innovative, game-changing companies, The Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute, Gramercy Millennium Group, Sharecause.com, as well as Grandparents.com

Tune in Tuesday, July 22nd for our next episode of Cinematic Immunity with Laurie Meadoff.  The 2nd of our six New York City Podcasts.

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