Paying it Forward

Michael Uva sits down with us on Cinematic Immunity to discuss transferring his skills from the U.S. Marines to the world of being a grip in the entertainment industry in 70's.  Michael Uva is one of the select entertainment technicians who have written "The Book" on his craft. Uva's Grip Book has been the one consistent reference manual for all things Grip for nearly 25 years and it's still going strong with the 2014 publishing of the 5th edition.  This episode was one of the earlier Cinematic Immunity episodes and captures a great perspective on how to do a hard job in hard conditions but still stay professional all day long.  We also break down some basics of how to set a C-stand and why regular practice is so important, and how sharing the knowledge brings it back around in the long run.

"If you help enough people get what they want- you'll get what you want."

Michael G. Uva is a well-respected Key Grip in Hollywood, with over 20 years' experience in film, TV movies, and commercials to his credit.
Michael is a highly motivated self-starter. He created one of Hollywood's largest privately owned fleet of rental trucks for grip equipment in just a few years and then sold it off. He learned his business strictly through on-the-job experience, having never attended any formal motion picture or cinema-related school or classes.
He has worked on shows such as Bones, The League, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Big Easy, Kalifornia, and Iron Eagle.

When Michael began his career as a grip, no specialty books related to his craft were available. After several years of learning his craft from other Key Grips and Grips, Michael wrote a book to share his knowledge. He teaches at the University of California at Los Angeles on occasion.

Michael's goal in writing this book is to help new students, other grips, and production members by providing a firsthand, fingertip reference guide to grip equipment used in the industry.

He writes that, "Safety is the number one concern of all persons who work on a movie set. Take it personal! Make it personal!"