Camera Reloads!

Next week on Cinematic Immunity, our conversation with Douglas C. Hart, veteran 1st AC and author of The Camera Assistant: A Complete Professional Handbook (Focal Press; 1996), continues with more insightful, entertaining and personal stories that you won't hear anywhere else.

You may think Doug had to be talked into doing our interview, but instead, he asked us - many, many times - just when his show was going to happen. We finally relented, and the man generously proceeded to talk for three hours straight before we finally had to pull the plug and head back to the hotel. When you've been teaching this stuff for over three decades, you have the stories ready to go, apparently. Gluttons for more punishment (and additional inquires as to just when he will become a grandfather), we hope to have Doug back on Cinematic Immunity soon to discuss his acclaimed book, and shaping the minds of aspiring filmmakers for the last thirty years.

Doug was instrumental in making our New York episodes possible. We owe a big thanks to him and to the entire team at the International Cinematographers Guild Local #600 NY office, who let us take over the joint for a few days in June to record what became seven shows. Thank you, Local #600!

Check back Tuesday to hear part two of Doug's interview Cinematic Immunity.

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