How do we Make Better Movie Babies?


Hey everyone,

First off, here’s to all the mom’s out there. Anyone lucky enough to have a great mom out there hopefully took the time to let them know. Second, thanks to all of you out there that took the time to listen to the first episode of our brand new season last week, episode #35: Christopher Lee Warren – Visual Effects Cinematographer. We hope that you enjoyed it and stayed through all the way to the end for that last little joke with Bryan and I. That episode was recorded nearly two years ago. Shortly after this epside, Bryan and I took some downtime to reorganize our lives. Turns out that releasing an episode per week was a lot to manage while trying to jumpstarts one’s own skillset and career. So we put the podcast away for a while, until late last year, when we decided that we could not wait for another chance to speak with this many distributors in one place.

This week we release “How do we make Better Movie Babies?”. A comprehensive episode on the world of the Film Market. In this episode, we dissect how it takes two entities to raise a happy little movie baby, the production company and the distribution or sales agency. I had a great time working on this episode and could not have done it without the producing efforts of Zoe Lane and audio editorial by Tyler Nisbit.

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Check your podcast feed or back in here on the site on Thursday for the premiere of our new format with multiple guests and the comprehensive question “How do we make Better Movie Babies?”.

Have a great week everyone!

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