Ground Control to Major Tom




We have been working hard over here getting all of our content together for all of the episodes to come, of which there are many.. We hope that your week is going great too and you enjoyed last week's episode, "How to make Better Movie Babies" and that you learned a ton of great information about how to sell your film when the time comes, or at least that it wet your whistle for more.


Last week, we tried something new.  Ask a question, interview a bunch of different guests about their opinion on that question, then cut it all together to get to an answer. Add music and a dash of magic and BOOM!  You have a podcast. It's efficient, it's has a point, and hopefully it's entertaining enough to keep you coming back.  If you have not heard that episode yet, please go back and check it out.  There are many more topics to come with wide range and scope so stay subscribed and keep checking back. We will definitely continue releasing interviews with great guests every week with some of these more produced episodes releasing as often as we can.


Cinematographer James Neihouse, A.S.C. joins us to discuss his latest work, "A Beautiful Planet" - a documentary shot on the International Space Station that leaves you speechless, transfixed and downright inspired.  James Neihouse strategically trained the astronauts how to photograph with and troubleshoot an IMAX 70mm and then piloted them through any problems they encountered from ground control.  Impressive?  Listen to this week's episode to learn more.  

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