Generating the Characters

We hope that all of our listeners out there are doing their best and that all of you are in good health. We know one special listener and very close friend of the show who is going through the struggle of his life right now and we want him to know that we support him fully as he battles through cancer and being able to walk again.  We love you Tony. Bryan and I love you very much. For everyone else, we hope you continue to find that which motivates you to be the best you can be and to take care of yourselves.

For myself, I hope to find the balance between hard charging worker bee, super focused professional and collected cameraman that I need to be to have a successful long running career.  It's an evolution I guess.  Meanwhile, we cant forget our friends. 

This week, Im in Tucson visiting with an ailing friend.  He means the world to me so I had to come and show my love.  He has provided me with guidance that I can never forget and my mentors means everything to me, so here I am. But this doesnt mean that we cant have a good show to put out for all of you.


This week we talk about Character Generation and post production effects. This is a part of the industry that I have had less experience with.  While my experience with Final Cut and After Effects has provided me with a good understanding of keyframes, layers and vectors;  the true craft in this department comes from understanding how to blend in these effects seamlessly.  Thank goodness we can break things down with Evan Langley, Nuke Compositor.  Having the granular and very specific character generated effect for numerous films, Evan brings his perspective to how the most common CG work for compositing programs is done without ever drawing attention to itself.  A ubiquitous concept in the art and craft of movie making. 


Evan Langley Portrait

Join us on this weeks show for our interview with Evan Langley, Nuke Compositor.

4th of July!

We hope you are gearing up for a great 4th of July Weekend.  Please be safe out there.  Dont drink and drive. If you are traveling somewhere for the Holiday, we hope you enjoy it.  Get on the road early to avoid traffic. We'll see you back next week.

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