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Happy Memorial Day from Cinematic Immunity

First off, a special thank you to all who have served bravely in the line of duty in the U.S. military. As this memorial day passes, we stop to think about the veterans who have lost their lives protecting our nations borders, ideals and its citizens.  Many of us don't know how lucky we are sometimes to have the freedoms we have and what the men and women who protect it must go through to allow us to have those freedoms.  Regardless of why they/we fight, its important to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

This Week...

On this week's show, we air the first half of our interview with Mark Weingartner, Visual Effects Director of Photography, who came down to the studio and took the time to explain some of the most complex visual effects sequences and talk about his experiences that led him to be one of the leading Visual Effects Supervisors in Hollywood.  We talk about how to make "grist for the digital mill" and the distinction between visual effects and practical effects and we discovered that sometimes, talking about our guilty movie pleasures can be more fun than talking about the big shows as we bring it back to Under Siege a little too many 

Coming Soon

Keep your eyes peeled for next week's episode where we dig deeper into the world of VFX. We discuss the aesthetics of VFX and it's place in modern day cinematography.  We also discuss the ACES color correction system and how it is being used in the business today. All this and more on next week's episode June, 9th, on Cinematic Immunity.

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