3 Guys and Several Mics

Writer, director, professional lip-syncing DJ...Ken Hastings does it all - which, we should note, also includes winning the first annual Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest in 2000 with his script for "Dawg" (a.k.a. "Bad Boy").

Next week, let Ken do what he does best - entertain the masses - by listening to his interview with Louis and Bryan on the next episode of the Cinematic Immunity podcast. See you then!

About Ken Hastings:

(via: http://www.2guysandamic.com)

Ken (the "Worry-Wart") was born in the murder-centric town of Camden, NJ. Fortunately, once his parents were discharged from the maternity ward, he was driven to a cozy suburban crib in nearby Cherry Hill, where his lifelong knack for entertainment took shape. Ken spent a good chunk of his teen years having his mother chauffeur him to various nightclubs and sign all the necessary waivers just so he could perform in lip-sync contests. While other kids were home doing schoolwork, Ken was up way past his bedtime impersonating the likes of Billy Joel, Elton John, Phil Collins and Cyndi Lauper. As luck would have it, that little hobby stuck and Ken became...wait for it...a professional lip-sync DJ. After high school, Ken's family relocated to South Florida and he honed his craft as a resident DJ at famous oldies clubs like Cadillac Jack's and Studebakers. Yes, he spun .45 records, donned wigs, strummed plastic guitars and played invisible drums for a living! It even landed him an appearance on Puttin' on the Hits and eventually a 10-year run at Walt Disney World's Pleasure Island. It was in Orlando where Rich found Ken's audition tape in a Circle K bathroom and gave him a gig at WTKS Real Radio 104.1. Just like Ken's uncanny lip-sync talent brought him to Orlando, it was his screenwriting that brought him to Los Angeles. He took first place in Final Draft's First Annual BIG BREAK Screenwriting Contest and his script, Dawg, was later produced with Denis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley. If you're ever up around 4am, you just might catch it on HBO.

We had a great time with Ken when he came on the show. Make sure to join us on Tuesday, September 30th for a fast paced episode of Cinematic Immunity.  Special Thanks goes out to all of our supporters who are reading this blog and catching our podcast.  Thanks everybody!

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