Ep. 31: David Stump, A.S.C. - Cinematographer

Today on the Cinematic Immunity podcast, we bring you an interview with award-wining cinematographer, David Stump, A.S.C.. Get ready for stories about some of your all-time favorite films!  In this episode, we discuss the unforgettable  train sequence in Stand By MeRambo III's "muscle lighting," Beetlejuice, and Army of Darkness. Plus, we talk about Quantum of Solace and forgetting to steal things, Star Trek: First Contact and Patrick Stuart's eyeball work, and we visit post-apocalyptic Kansas, go for a ride in a certain time-traveling Delorean once more, and Louis loves on David's timely new book, Digital Cinematography: Fundamentals, Tools, Techniques, and Workflows

Over last thirty-plus years, David Stump has worn many filmmaking hats. He's been a producer, a director, a cinematographer, an author, a visual effects supervisor, an effects cameraman - and he even has an Academy Award for Scientific & Technical Achievement. He's worked on some of the most memorable films from the last three decades, and is generous enough to share his knowledge with the world through his excellent book and insightful articles on filmmaking. Enjoy the interview! 

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We'll see you back on Thursday for a preview of our next interview: Producer Billy Badalato, Jr.