Ep. 34: David Mendez - Special Effects Makeup

Sometimes you find yourself with some fake blood in your mouth and a couple of drinking straws - because that's how you get things done in this business. At least, it is when you're a special effects makeup artist, like this week's Cinematic Immunity guest, David Mendez.

Listen as the multi-talented Mendez brakes down the makeup department for us, with a special focus on special-effects. We talk about the tools of his trade (fake blood and drinking straws are only two of them), the challenges and fun of creating makeup looks for film, his influences, and how Captain Kirk taught him to fight. He also explains how being a U.S. Army Infantryman compares to working on a movie set, and how it has helped his stunt coordinator work. Plus, we talk set safety, the process of getting union membership, and the wonders of technology - because walkie-talkies are your friend. Enjoy!

Check back on Thursday for a sneak peek of next week's episode, with very special guest, Chris Warren.

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