Ep. 8: Huston Huddleston - Bridge Restorer/Museum Builder

Huston Huddleston on Cinematic Immunity.

Huston hamming it up.

Huston is a Writer and the son of the Oscar-nominated Disney composer, Floyd Huddleston, and singer/arranger Nancy Adams. Huston went to Buckley School and LA Valley College. He has written and directed several films, composed over 100 songs for various artists, written 25 screenplays, four musicals, the horror play “Soul Less”, two animated films for Don Bluth and recently wrote and directed the pilot for the animated series “Captain Daddy” starring Ed Asner, Fred Willard and Roger Bart.

He is known lately as "The guy who saved the bridge", specifically the Star Trek: The Next Generation NCC-1701-D U.S.S. Enterprise bridge; Rescuing it before Paramount could send it to the dump. Now the Founder and CEO of New StarShip, he is re-building damaged parts of that bridge, traveling to conventions to show it the public, and raising money for far larger projects. We talk about his journey with volunteers, collecting an All-Star board of directors, and the future Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum.