Ep. 13: Ted Hayash - Cinematographer

Cinematography and Lighting with Ted Hayash

Aspiring to be a cinematographer? Ted Hayash joins us here on Cinematic Immunity to talk about how to stage two camera blocking with the changing needs of the director, how to walk on to any set and be as effective as possible, and how to make sure that every shot counts.  Louis and Ted set the Wayback Machine twelve years to revisit the first time Louis worked for Ted - as an electrician on Monster (2003). With Ted's extensive background in lighting, he brings his knowledge and experience into the modern world of professional filmmaking. 

Finally, Ted and Louis wax philosophic about why it's so important to take care of your family and personal life first.  "The movie will get made" was an important topic of this discussion as Cinematic Immunity takes another look at how to manage professional responsibilities in perspective to ones personal obligations.