Ep. 14: Skip Van Leeuwen - Motorcycle Racer & Record Label Executive

Skip Van Leeuwen was one of the best Tourist Trophy Steeplechase riders in the history of AMA racing. Van Leeuwen dominated AMA TT competition in the mid-1960s.

"I told them racing was just a temporary thing and that I was just doing it for fun,
 recalls Van Leeuwen. "I promised my mom that when I made expert I would quit racing. Then I went out in my first expert race and there were all the guys I grew up watching and were my heroes. I just happened to get a great start and won the race and of course after that I was hooked."

Skip Van Leeuwin joins us on Cinematic immunity to talk about his legacy in motorcycle racing and the disconnected throttle cable that led him to a historic win,  his lifelong rivalry with Dick Hammer, his time spent with Evel Knievel and his career as a music label executive that spawned 30 years of sobriety from booze and cocaine.