Ep. 4: Sarah Jones and the Future of Set Safety - Part 1

Cinematic Immunity panelists Vannessa Manlunas, Ted Hayash and Danelle Hand.

Cinematic Immunity held a panel last week to discuss the state of the entertainment business since the passing of 2nd camera assistant Sarah Jones.  How can this can be prevented? What are the logistics of production that were not followed?  Join us for the release of part one of this very important discussion, the complex tragedy of Sarah Jones and the future of on set safety right here at Cinematic Immunity. Our panelists Danelle Hand, Ted Hayash and Vannessa Manlunas discuss the boiled down facts as presented by Bryan Hart and the Cinematic Immunity team.  Join us again next Tuesday for part two of this important discussion.

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Next Week, Part 2

Join us next week on Tuesday, May 13th as we release part two of this important panel discussion.