Ep. 28: Karyn Wagner - Costume Designer

Karyn Wagner began by telling us about her Hollywood upbringing, family history (another 3rd generation set brat!), her education, and her start in the biz.  She is Cinematic Immunity's first guest from the Costume Department, so we take a lint-roller to the politics, crewing, and unique challenges of dressing actors for film and television.  It was an eye opener to learn just how much work and effort goes into yet another area of filmmaking that gets far too little attention. From Wardrobe Supervisors to Key Costumers to Cutters to Fitters to Milliners, we find out who is making it all happen.

Hear how Karyn went from being "the best-dressed camera assistant ever" to designing the costumes forThe Green Mile, Friday Night Lights and The Notebook, where she finds the inspiration for her designs, and how a costume designer can make you hate a character without him ever saying a word, all on this week's episode of the Cinematic Immunity podcast.