Ep. 35: Christopher Lee Warren - Visual Effects Cinematographer

Chris Warren Portrait

Hey everybody and welcome back to the first episode of the new season of Cinematic Immunity.  Its been 18 months since we brought you the last episode so we figured to pick up the new season right where left off with Visual Effects Cinematographer Christopher Lee Warren.  But before we get into that, Bryan and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you out there that have supported and continue to support us.  Bryan Hart, who will be back with us live next week, sends his regards.

We'd like to give a special thanks to some friends out there in podcast land who have repped us and we appreciate it.  @TheCarlOlsen and his guest @RickDelgado from the Digital Convergence Podcast sent a major shout out last week, thanks for that fellas. Earlier this year in January, Jason Marin from the Casting Light podcast (@Podcastinglight) rebroadcast the full episode of our interview with Haskell Wexler shortly after his passing.  For those of you that don’t know, Haskell Wexler has been a part of film history and political action for over 5 decades and has had an amazing list of credits and achievements too long for me to list here. Jason, we thank you for making sure that that podcast got out there again.  Haskell was our very first guest at the studio and we were happy to have had the time.  Although at the time of his passing we had already begun recording interviews and were beginning to start the show up, we were not ready to start up the podcast engine just yet, so Jason, thanks for showing the love.  And now, on with the show!