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The art and craft of movie making;

the stories that define it  

 June 12th, 2014

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 This podcast explores the complex underbelly of how movies are made and what makes them so special. The people that are making movies have a dialogue and this show taps right into it.  They love the craft and think there are far too many good stories that are never heard. Up until now, all you have been offered is the polished version of the Writers, Directors and Actors telling us how “great” everything was.  Instead, they offer these  stories and perspectives from the minds of the entertainment professionals who were there.

Each podcast is a conversation with an industry veteran to get at the stories behind the Hollywood curtain.


                Available podcasts:

                *Haskell Wexler: Cinematography legend, 2x Oscar Winner, Safety on Set pioneer

                *Wheels: A look into the nuts of bolts of shooting the independent film 'Wheels'               

                *The Sarah Jones Tragedy: A roundtable discussion about the incident, and the future of Set safety

                *Gene Warren Jr.: Visual Effects Guru, Oscar Winner, Owner of Fantasy II Film Effects

                *Jim Edwards: Editor/Director, Creator of Reality Shows, Revolutionized Car Commercials

                *Huston Huddleston: Founder and CEO of NewStarship.com, Restoring the Star Trek Bridge

                *Bruce Logan: Veteran Cinematographer, Dir of Photo on 'Tron', Visual Effects DP: Star Wars/Star Trek


                Upcoming podcasts:

                *Bill Badalato: Executive Producer: Top Gun, Field of Dreams, Broken Arrow, Around The World 80 Days

                *Michael Uva: Veteran Key Grip, Author of 'Uva’s Grip Book'

                *Jessica Burstein: Veteran Still Photographer, Official Photographer for the Law&Order Franchise

                *Matt Knudsen: Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Podcaster, former Boom Operator

                *Ted Heyash: Gaffer, Chief Lighting Technician, Camera Operator, Cinematographer

                *David Stump: Cinematographer, Author 'Digital Cinematography', Camera technology expert

                *Skip Van Leeuwen: Music Business Executive, Motor Bike Racing Superstar

                *Douglas C. Hart: Veteran 1st Asst Cam, Author 'Camera Assistants Handbook', former Pres #644         

                *Jendra Jarnagin: Cinematographer, Digital Camera Pioneer, International Documentarian

                *Tom Weston: Cinematographer, former Local #600 National VP


Creator/Host: Louis Normandin grew up outside of DC. Saturated in media, he grew up spending most of his high school days as a live broadcast Cameraman and Technical Director for hundreds of high school sporting events and talk shows. After graduating with a full roster of awards at Full Sail College in FL,  he began instructing the Set Lighting course there. His first studio project was the Oscar award winning 'Monster' as an Electrician, which came after working on nearly 100 other films and commercials. He is now a Cinematographer and Camera Operator in Local #600. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0635685/


Co-Host/Podcast Producer: Bryan M. Hart is originally from Queens, NY. After 15 years working as an Off-Broadway Production Manager and Stage Manager, he and his wife moved to LA. He is now a 1st AD and UPM in the independent film world.  He is a 3rd-generation set brat, his Grandfather a Grip/Construction Coordinator, his Father a 1st Assistant Cameraman. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0366178/


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